If you work in warehouse management, you know that choosing the right pallet rack system is crucial for maximizing space, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring safety. With a range of pallet racks for sale, it can be overwhelming to select the best fit for your needs. At Pallet Rack World, we offer a variety of options to consider. This article will serve as a primer on the types of pallet racks available and how they can benefit your specific warehouse operations. 

Types of Pallet Racks for Sale

Below are a few of the types of pallet racks for sale. These racks are tried and true tested in thousands of warehouses across the United States.

Teardrop Racks

Teardrop racks, renowned for their versatility, are named for the teardrop-shaped holes on the uprights where the beams connect. This design allows for easy adjustment of the beam levels, accommodating various pallet heights. They are particularly beneficial for warehouses that frequently adjust their storage configurations to accommodate different products or seasonal changes. Their widespread availability across the country makes them a reliable and accessible option for businesses looking to quickly enhance their storage capacity​​.

Structural Pallet Racks

Structural pallet racks, built from hot-rolled steel, are known for their strength and durability. They are particularly suited for warehouses that store heavy and bulky items like industrial equipment, large containers, and heavy manufacturing parts. The robust design of structural racks also lends itself well to high-traffic areas of a warehouse, where forklifts and other machinery are commonly used. This rack type is an investment in long-term durability and safety, ensuring that heavy loads are stored securely​​.

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted

The Ridg U Rak Slotted style racks are known for their unique slotted posts, which offer remarkable load-bearing capacity and resilience. These racks are particularly useful in warehouses that require a durable and reliable storage solution for heavy and high-density materials. The slotted design allows for easy beam adjustment, providing flexibility in accommodating different sizes of pallets and goods. This type of rack is a perfect solution for industries such as automotive, construction materials, or heavy manufacturing, where durability is a top priority​​.

Cantilever Style Racks

Cantilever racks are unique in their design and functionality. They consist of a series of arms extending from a central column, making them ideal for storing long and bulky items like timber, pipes, or carpets. This design allows for easy access to the stored items from the front without any front column obstruction, which is a common limitation in traditional pallet racks. Cantilever racks are especially useful in hardware stores, lumber yards, or any business that deals with long, heavy items​​.

Push Back Pallet Rack

Pushback rack systems are designed to maximize warehouse space utilization by allowing pallets to be stored on both sides of an aisle. As a new pallet is loaded, it pushes the existing pallet back into the rack. This system is perfect for storing multiple pallets of the same product and can significantly increase storage density compared to traditional pallet racking systems. It is an ideal solution for warehouses with limited space but high-volume storage needs, such as food distribution centers or retail warehouses​​.

Wide Span Shelving

Wide span shelving, also known as bulk racking, is designed for the storage of medium to heavy loads that are manually handled. This type of shelving is versatile in that it can accommodate a wide range of items, from small parts to large, bulky items. It’s particularly suitable for hand-stacked storage, where goods are not on pallets but need to be accessible for manual picking. Wide span shelving is often used in sectors like retail, archives, and parts storage, where easy access and visibility of items are essential​​​​.

Keystone Style Racks

Keystone style racks are known for their adjustable beams, which can be moved in 3″ increments. This feature provides flexibility in storing goods of various sizes, making them ideal for dynamic warehouse environments

Rack Wire Decking

An important safety feature in pallet racking is rack wire decking. This open grid wire mesh decking is used to prevent pallets and goods from falling through the rack structure, enhancing safety and durability.​

Safety and Protective Additions

Safety is paramount in warehouse operations. Products like Husky Aisle Shield Panels, Rack Upright Post Protection, and Industrial Safety Guardrail are essential for ensuring the safety of workers and the protection of goods​​​​​​.

When searching for ‘pallet racks for sale,’ it’s important to consider the specific needs of your warehouse. Each type of pallet rack offers unique benefits, and the right choice depends on your warehouse layout, the nature of the goods stored, and your operational workflow. By understanding the different types of pallet racks available, you can make an informed decision that optimizes your storage space, enhances efficiency, and ensures safety in your warehouse environment.

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