Economic Growth in Hight Point, NC Drives Demand For Pallet Rack Installation

High Point, North Carolina, known as the “Furniture Capital of the World,” is a vibrant city with a rich cultural and industrial heritage. As of the last census in 2022, 113,1481 North Carolina residents called High Point home.

The city’s thriving business sector is marked by a variety of industries. However, it’s definitely the furniture industry that sets High Point apart. Every year, the city hosts the High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. This event attracts around 75,000 attendees from more than 100 countries, transforming this urban hub into a global epicenter for furniture fashion. Whatever is happening next in the world of furniture, High Point, NC is where you will hear about it first.

High Point’s Furniture Companies Demand Innovative Warehouse Storage Solutions

High Point has been a pivotal center for furniture manufacturing for over a century, housing major companies like Thomasville Furniture Industries and Universal Furniture. These businesses have not only contributed significantly to the city’s economy but have also set trends in furniture design worldwide. Home and office furnishing is a highly competitive industry and with so much emphasis on protecting and nurturing American manufacturing, this industry is getting more attention than ever before.

One other unique factor of the furniture business is the demand for warehouse storage and pallet rack installation. Furniture is bulky and often heavy. Not only that, but it’s often made of wood which means it can be vulnerable to damage from impact, dropping, water, or temperature extremes while it’s stored or in transit. It should come as no surprise that High Point’s furniture makers are keenly interested in storage solutions that help mitigate those risks. A furniture warehouse with a well-thought-out floor plan with new or used pallet rack installation can make all the difference.

High Point, NC’s furniture manufacturers rely on Pallet Rack World for:

  • Custom warehouse floor plans that maximize efficiency to get products in/out quickly.
  • Installation of used and new pallet racks to store furniture on its way to retailers.
  • Sturdy shelving with rack guards and backs that help prevent workplace accidents.
  • Careful planning that ensures they get the maximum use of available space.

Installing New and Used Pallet Racks For All High Point, NC Businesses

Of course, furniture isn’t the only thing happening in High Point —- but the fact is that Pallet Rack World’s experience with High Point’s thriving furniture industry has blessed us with invaluable experience that translated to any manner of business. If we can ensure the safe storage of $15,000 power leather sofas or delicate wood furnishings, then we can apply that same attention to detail to anything and everything your company needs to store or ship.

More Efficient Warehouse Storage Solutions

Can your employees easily reach the products that move the most as well as track inventory easily? If not, this can negatively impact shipping times and customer satisfaction and even make shrinkage harder to detect and manage. Along with pallet rack installations, we build efficient floor plans that help make it easier to keep products moving in and out of your warehouse safely.

Building Safer Warehouses

Add-ons like rack guards and rack backs can not only keep your products intact, they also keep employees safer in a potentially dangerous warehouse environment. Careful planning that takes into account pallet weight, shelving height, and even what equipment your employees have to work with. All of this goes towards making your warehouse safer and more efficient.

The Right Tools For The Job

Part of making an ideally organized warehouse is understanding both how to make the most efficient use of the available space, but also understanding which products are best suited to your unique storage needs. This will depend on several factors.

Factors in deciding which products are best suited to your storage needs:

  • The size and weight of your pallets, products, or packaging.
  • How active your warehouse is, how often product moves in and out.
  • What type of product it is (i.e. is it perishable? fragile? dangerous?)

Contact Pallet Rack World to get a custom-designed floor plan perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you have a small corporate storage depot or a series of large warehouses — we can help. There is no job too large or too small for our expert pallet rack installation team and floor plan designers.

Pallet Rack Installation That Maximizes Your Warehouse Space

Our passion is taking your new or old storage space and making it function at maximum efficiency for you. We design entire floor plans and custom systems to give you a well-designed warehouse space. What’s a well-designed warehouse space you ask?  A well-designed warehouse will have organized, stable teardrop racks, cantilever-style racks, and rack wire decking appropriate for storage to start with.

Ready to have used pallet racks installed in your High Point warehouse? Your next step is clear, call Pallet Rack World at  800-974-9086. We have the answer to any storage dilemma you face From custom-designed floor plans for your warehouse to the removal and clean-up of any old pallet racking or structures in place. We’ll get it all done and install your new pallet racks quickly so you’re ready to get back at it.

Services Pallet Rack World offers in High Point, NC include:

  • New and Used Pallet Rack Sales
  • Pallet Rack Breakdown & Relocation New Pallet Rack Installation
  • Used Pallet Rack Installation
  • Shipping and Unloading Pallet Racks
  • Pallet Rack Repairs and Safety Surveys
  • Pallet Rack Design and Facility Floor Planning

The First Name In Pallet Rack Installation in High Point, NC

Pallet Rack World is the #1 full-service warehouse storage solution provider in High Point, NC. It’s no wonder that the leading furniture companies and industries in High Point call us first when it’s time to build a new warehouse or upgrade an existing one. There’s no one else out there who has more pallet rack installation expertise than Pallet Rack World. It’s that simple.

If you are building a new warehouse or upgrading an old one. If you have a storage space that’s not performing at its best —- call Pallet Rack World. We handle the entire pallet rack installation process from start to finish. We do it ALL.

From custom floor plans to delivery and installation. We’ll even dismantle and remove any existing pallet racks or shelving systems you want. Our professional installation team will build out or retrofit your warehouse with speed and safety so you can put the space back to work for you right away.

When you need to optimize warehouse storage. Install pallet racks, wires shelving, or any other storage solution in High Point, NC —- Pallet Rack World is the only name you need to know. Give us a call at 800-974-9086.