Pallet Rack World Products & Warehouse Storage Solutions

We take pride in our wide selection of quality pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions. All of our products and warehouse storage solutions we offer are from trusted brands such as Interlake/Mecalux, Wireway Husky, Unarco, Ridg U Rak, Nashville Wire, AWP and more. The pallet rack and wire decking can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.


Used Pallet Racks

We are a full service dealer of used pallet racking. The up to date/current used inventory list shown below is in stock in Liberty, NC. Call or email to request a quote.



We Buy Your Used Pallet Racking! Our crews can help dismantle, stack, bundle and stage your old racking. We will schedule trucks, load the trucks with the racking and remove from your warehouse.


Pallet Rack Installation

Pallet rack installation services are available in any city and state in the US. Breakdown of rack, installation of rack, push back, carton flow etc...


Teardrop Racks

The most popular and widely used style of pallet rack used. This rack is in stock in several locations throughout the country.


Structural Pallet Rack

Structural pallet rack is used when higher capacities are involved. This rack is heavy duty and can hold very heavy pallets.


Ridg U Rak Slotted

Ridg U Rak Slotted style of pallet rack is heavy duty and a long lasting, durable rack.


Keystone Style Rack

KKeystone slots and holes are punched in a single row on 3" centers, allowing the beams to adjust in 3" increments.


Rack Wire Decking

Open grid wire mesh decking is used as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure.


Cantilever Style Rack

Cantilever Rack is the ideal system for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe, tubing, lumber and other long heavy items.


Rack Guard/Rack Back

Steel Rack Guards help keep items from falling and are an essential addition to your pallet rack system. Available in stock.


Pallet Rack Repair Kit

Warehouse Rack Repair Kits return uprights to their near original condition. Choose a variety of options for repairing and protecting you pallet rack.


Pallet Rack Enclosures

Prevent Inventory Shrinkage! Existing pallet racks can be completely enclosed with our standard panels and doors to secure high value inventory.


Push Back Pallet Rack

A pushback rack system fills the storage cube with product, not aisles. A pushback rack system lets you store pallets 2 to 5 deep.


Mecalux Wide Span

Wide span shelving/bulk racking is designed for the hand loading of medium to heavy loads and is ideal for storing a large variety of product types.


Tennsco Bulk Storage

Bulk storage racking or wide span shelving is an economical solution when storing large items. Shelves are either particle board, steel decking or wire.


Husky Lynx Rack

Industry standard double post is compatible with other double slotted pallet rack. Many items ship in 48 hours!


Rack Upright Post Protection

Secure & protect your rack! Floor mounted anchor post protectors, bolt on rack post protectors and end of aisle rack protection.

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Pallet rack installation services are available in any city and state in the US.