Pallet Rack Aisle Safety – Aisle Shield Panels

Prevent Materials from Falling Into the Aisles!

Husky Rack & Wire’s Aisle Shield is the economical answer to aisle safety and the increasing demands of regulatory agencies for protecting pallet rack aisles. The new Aisle Shield design features heavy duty 8-gauge welded wire, stiffened with innovative longitudal flutes.

Length x Height Model Lbs Price
8′ Wide x 3′ High AS09636 13lbs $61.00
8′ Wide x 4′ High AS09648 18lbs $73.00
9′ Wide x 4′ High AS108483 20lbs $80.00
10′ Wide x 4′ High AS12048 22lbs $87.00
12′ Wide x 4′ High AS14448 26lbs $99.00
8′ Wide x 5′ High AS09660 20lbs $77.00
10′ Wide x 5′ High AS12060 25lbs $92.00
12′ Wide x 5′ High AS14460 29lbs $110.00
Eye bolts: 6 for 4′ or 5′ Panels; 4 for 3′ Panels
Flush H5922 .34lbs $6.50
4” H5911 .21lbs $3.30
6” H5912 .24lbs $3.65
  • Aisle Shield requires a shipping crate
  • Please add $115.00 for each 25 panels on order
  • For Quick Ship, 300lbs or less ship in 48 hours
Aisl Shiel Panels

All-Steel, High Visibility,
Rack Aisle Protection

Wireway Husky Aisle Shield Panels
All Steel High Visibility Rack Aisle Protection
Aisle Shield Panels Eyebolts and Extension above

Manufactured with 8-Gauge welded wire and painted black, Husky Rack & Wire’s Aisle Shield is the economical solution to lift truck or personnel aisle safety. Aisle Shield’s flute-stiffened, welded wire provides aisle protection while keeping product fully visible and personnel safe. Unlike that of netting, which acts as a catch to falling product and is very difficult and time consuming to install, Aisle Shield prevents loose product from falling in the first place. Aisle Shield installs quickly and easily with eye bolt fasteners and meets the increasing demands of regulatory agencies for aisle protection.

The high-visibility panels attach to pallet rack using specially-designed eyebolts. The eyebolts allow for an offset (away from the back of the rack) of either 4 or 6 inches. Flush mount is also available (with 1” offset) to allow for deck waterfall, and so that the beam can be removed without disturbing the panel.

Eyebolts for Aisle Shield Panels diagram with information

Used Pallet Racking

We have a wide variety of used pallet rack uprights, beams and wire decks on hand – ready to ship pallet racking in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro!