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Maximizing Greensboro’s Storage One Warehouse at a Time

The city of Greensboro, North Carolina thrives on its rich history and cultural heritage. Located at the intersection of three major highways, I-40, I-85 and I-73, it is a hub for business, transportation and warehousing. Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina with a population of 298,263 and the 69th largest city in the United States.

Greensboro has been in the midst of a resurgence in development and reconstruction over the past decade. The Gateway Building in downtown Greensboro is a city landmark but it has recently been expanded to include an innovative shared workspace and event venue. The city, once known for textiles, now prides itself on being a ‘tournament town’ as it is rapidly becoming a favored location for athletic venues and stadiums.

As Greensboro’s economy grows, so to does demand for warehouse and storage space optimization. The experts at Pallet Rack World are here to help you make use of every inch of your space so you can rise to meet that growing demand. Just south of Greensboro, Pallet Rack World stocks thousands of uprights, beams and wire decks available for pick up or delivery. Our pallet rack specialists can help with design, layout and installation of your warehouse storage rack shelving from start to finish.

Installation of Pallet Racking in Greensboro, NC

Warehouse storage pallet rack shelving installation in Greensboro, NC. This install included new Mecalux teardrop style uprights, used teardrop style beams and wire mesh decking.

Installation of Pallet Racking in Greensboro, NC warehouse

With a wide variety of pallet racks available to you including teardrop style racking and wire mesh decking just to name a few, our experts handle everything from delivery, design layout, installation, dismantling and removal.

Organization and efficiency are essential to running a profitable business. When it comes to storage and warehousing, nothing helps you achieve organized efficiency better than the right pallet racking set up. Pallet racks installation allows you to maximize your warehouse’s storage space by going vertical. This can triple your available storage area in many cases. When you are in need of pallet rack installation in Greensboro, the professionals at Pallet Rack World are the ones to call.

After you leverage the benefits of Pallet Rack World’s speedy installation of pallet racking in Greensboro, you will find your storage space finally being fully utilized. It’s impossible to overstate just how much the right pallet rack solution can completely transform a warehouse or storage space. Pallet Rack World has a huge range of pallet racks available to help us devise the perfect solutions for your space. We’ve got everything from teardrop style racking and wire mesh decking just to name a few. When you partner with us we handle your warehouse storage upgrade from front to back. We do it all, from delivery, design layout and installation to dismantling and removal.

Pallet Rack World offers the following services:

If you own or operate a warehouse in Greensboro and you’re looking to get the most use possible our of your storage space, we’re the folks you want to speak to. The seasoned pros at Pallet Rack World bring years of experience and knowledge when it comes to warehouse optimization and pallet rack installation. Major companies across America rely upon our services to bring their storage solutions up to speed.

Speak to the experts at Pallet Rack World today to find out how we can engineer and install the perfect pallet rack solution for your warehouse.

You can reach us at 800-974-9086.

  • Pallet Rack Dismantle in Greensboro, NC

  • The rack shelving was stacked and banded from the old warehouse

  • The old beams and wire decks were loaded on a truck to deliver to the new location in Winston Salem, NC

  • Shorter 12′ High x 42” Deep Uprights were also shipped to the new location in Winston Salem, North Carolina

  • The crew unloaded the trucks and staged the racking inside

  • The rows of racking were installed and the uprights anchored to the ground for security