Warehouse Rack Safety Products | Upright Post/Column Protection

Working with heavy equipment inside a warehouse, like a forklift for example comes with risks. In addition to making sure that no one is ever hit by a lift truck, you have to make sure you protect your other equipment as well as your products. However, it’s your pallet rack frames and beams that might be in the most danger of being damaged by a lift truck or other heavy equipment.

Column Protectors (also called post protectors) are available in various heights, usually 12”, 24”, 36”, and 48”. Free standing column protectors mount to the floor with anchors in front of the upright post, and are available as aisle post protection or corner post protection. Bolt-on or clip-on column protectors attach directly to the column.

Post protector wraps in use on pallet rack in warehouse

End-of-Aisle Protection is important because it offers protection to the most vulnerable part of your pallet rack system, the ends of the aisles, or rows. There are several types of rack-end protection. These row end protectors are typically sold as individual ‘right’ or ‘left’ rack protectors, or as a combined ‘double-headed’ protector. Bollards and guard rails are other types of protection used at the ends of the aisles.

Post protector in orange
Post protector in yellow

Floor Mounted Post Protectors

Yellow beam
Post protector
Handle It Steel Bolt on Post Protectors

Post Protectors

End of Aisle Pallet Rack Protection Guard

End of Aisle Rack Pallet Rack Protection

Post protector in yellow

Husky Post Protectors

Wireway Husky floor mount upright/post protectors. Steel floor mounting, color yellow. Choose 12” or 18” high

Model # Descripton Price
I5712-P 12” High $24.00
I5718-P 18” High/td> $30.00
Yellow beam

These post protectors bolt directly to the column for additional column protection. Easily installed, no anchoring necessary. 3-5/8” Wide x 1/4” Thick.

Model # Descripton Price
​1/4CP12 12” High, 7lbs $27.00
1/4CP24 24” High, 13lbs ​$32.00
1/4CP42 42” High, 23lbs $48.00
Pallet rack post protector in use

Safety End of Aisle Rack Protectors & Rack guards protect your warehouse racks aisles from dangerous and costly forklift impacts

Post protector

Protect-It Column Guard

This innovative design allows each unit to compress when struck absorbing the impact and preventing costly upright damage.
5.25” High, Recommend 3-4 per column.
Securely grips the column, no hardware.

Model # Descripton Price
​401-211 3” x 3” Columns ​$11.00
401-311 3” x 1-5/8” Columns $11.00
Pallet rack post protectors

Handle It Post Rack Protectors

Handle-It Post Rack Protectors are designed to protect the rack uprights from being hit by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored in the rack bays. We offer sizes to fit around any rack upright width. 1/5” Thick

Model # Descripton Price
P12 12” High 4.5” ID ​$22.00
P18 18” High 4.5” ID $27.00
P24 24” High 4.5” ID $34.00
P12-6 12” High 6” ID $40.00
P18-6 18” High 6” ID $50.00
P24-6 24” High 6” ID $53.00
P12-8 12” High 8.5” ID $48.00
P18-8 18” High 8.5” ID $54.00
P24-8 24” High 8.5” ID $68.00
Pallet racks inside warehouse

Bluff Manufacturing’s rack guard can prevent or lessen fork truck impact damage and add a bright color warning to row ends or aisles.

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Bluff Steel Post Protectors

Bluff Post Protectors can stop fork lift abuse to pallet rack frames. 12”, 18”, 24” and 36” high models. Thickness 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”

Model # Descripton Price
1/4PO12 12” High, 1/4” Thick $24.00
3/8PO24 24” High, 3/8” Thick $65.00
1/2PO36 36” High, 1/2” Thick $120.00

Used Pallet Racking

We have a wide variety of used pallet rack uprights, beams and wire decks on hand – ready to ship pallet racking in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro!