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Keystone Pallet Rack is much less common than it used to be, however there is still a large amount of this racking being used today. Keystone racking is also sometimes called Republic racking. The holes in the uprights look like a keystone. Keystone racking is most often yellow (beams) and grey (uprights). Keystone rack have beam clips have hooks with square – not round tops.

Keystone/Republic Rack features beams and upright frames that are engineered and manufactured to strict design and quality specifications, ensuring consistent and easy installation. A locking safety clip locks beam and upright together to prevent accidental beam uplift. These racks and accessories provide low-cost storage of pallets, drums and other bulk items to meet a wide range of storage needs.

A keystone pallet rack is designed for optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

Upright frames are engineered to promote the structural integrity of the rack system. Columns have solid corners and keystone slots punched in the area of least stress for maximum load capacity. The keystone design protects against metal tearing, resists side loading and reduces secondary stress. U-shaped horizontal and diagonal braces are welded in z-patterns for greater strength. Heavy-duty 11-gauge foot plates are welded to upright columns for floor anchoring. Columns allow for 3″ vertical beam adjustment.

Keystone Style Pallet Rack Shipping Locations in: GA

Pallet Rack World’s professional pallet rack sales staff has years of experience with pallet racking of all types. We have thousands of beams, uprights and rack accessories in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us for a professional rack consultation. Our structural style of rack is designed for durability and value. We believe we have the lowest structural rack prices in the entire Country.

Grey Keystone Style Pallet Rack assembled
Grey Keystone Style Pallet Racks ready fro assembly
Grey Keystone Style Pallet Rack joint
Keystone Style Pallet Rack parts ready for assembly
Model # Item Style Size Price
Used Keystone Rack – Liberty, NC
Qty 30 Upright Keystone 18′ High x 36” Deep $85.00
Qty 60 Upright Keystone 9′ High x 36” Deep $65.00
Qty 454 Beams Keystone 9′ Long x 4.5” Face $23.00
Qty 240 Wire Decks Standard 36” Deep x 46” Wide $16.00
  • Used Rack above is in stock in Liberty, NC
  • Very Good Condition
  • Green Uprights (Some Gray)
  • Gray Bams

New Keystone pallet rack in stock in Atlanta, GA!

Atlanta, GA
5000 Old Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30360
(336) 253-8766

Grey Keystone Pallet Rack

Above: New Keystone Style Beam and Upright Connection

Keystone Style Pallet Rack Upper

Keystone & Teardrop Style Pallet Rack Uprights

Choose your height, depth and capacity of Spruill Keystone Style or Teardrop Style Uprights

Description Depth Height Part Number Capacity Weight Ea. Size Price Each
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 36″ 96″ RU18*36096 18,600 44 3″xl-5/8″ $65.40
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 42″ 96″ RU18*42096 18,600 46 3″xl-5/8″ $67.13
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 36″ 120″ RU18*36120 18,600 53 3″xl-5/8″ $74.48
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 42″ 120″ RU18*42120 18,600 55 3″xl-5/8″ $75.81
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 36″ 144″ RU18*36144 18,600 65 3″xl-5/8″ $91.35
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 42″ 144″ RU18*42144 18,600 68 3″xl-5/8″ $95.57
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 48″ 144″ RU18*48144 18,600 71 3″xl-5/8″ $99.78
Keystone or Teardrop Upright 42″ 192″ RU18*42192 18,600 89 3”x1-5/8” $125.08
Keystone Style Pallet Rack Beam

Keystone Style or Teardrop Style Beams

  • Choose either Keystone Step Beams
  • Choose Teardrop Step Beams
  • Beams are Orange
Description Size Part Number Capacity Weight Price
Keystone or Teardrop Beams 4” x 96” RBS6*40096 4,287lbs 24lbs $34.50
Keystone or Teardrop Beams 4-1/2” x 96” RBS6*45096 5,170lbs 26lbs $36.75
Keystone or Teardrop Beams 4-1/2” x 108” RBS4*45108 5,624lbs 35lbs $45.00
Keystone or Teardrop Beams 5” x 120” RBS4*50120 6,000lbs 41lbs $51.00
Keystone or Teardrop Beams 6” x 144” RBS4*60144 6,690lbs 55lbs $68.50
Keystone Style Pallet Rack beam in blue

Keystone Style Pallet Rack Accessories

Choose your pallet rack crossbars, row spacers, wall ties and column protectors.

Description Part Number Size Weight Each Price
Flanged Cross Bar RBF36 36” 5.5 $8.92
Flanged Cross Bar RBF42 42” 6.4 $10.38
Flanged Cross Bar RBF48 48” 7.3 $11.84
Row Spacer RUR6 6” 1.1 $6.89
Row Spacer RUR12 12” 2.1 $7.97
Wall Tie RUW6 6” 1.1 $7.09
Wall Tie RUW12 12” 2.1 $8.17
Post Protector (Yellow) RUP12 12” 5.5 $18.00
Post Protector (Yellow) RUP18 18” 7.8 $27.40
Post Protector (Yellow) RUP24 24” 10.1 $34.50

Used Pallet Racking

We have a wide variety of used pallet rack uprights, beams and wire decks on hand – ready to ship pallet racking in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro!