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Wireway Husky teardrop style pallet racking

Wireway Husky pallet rack features brands synonymous with quality in the pallet rack industry for more than 45 years. Teardrop Uprights are available in both 3″ x 1-5/8″ posts, and in 3″ x 3″ posts with heights up to 46 ft.

The teardrop pattern is an industry standard and accepts most teardrop style beams. Beams feature the patented Bowlock® safety clip. Bowlock® cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the beam and requires no special tools. Standard colors are green uprights with orange beams. Call for other color options.

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Husky Rack & Wire Product Highlights

  • Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet rack.
  • Bowlock safety clip securely locks posts in place for increased safety.
  • Uprights can be built up to 46 ft high.
  • Made in the USA from USA made high-strength steel.
  • Many items ship in 48 hours or Husky pays the freight.

Husky Shipping Locations

North Carolina
Denver, NC
6146 Denver Industrial Park Rd.
Denver, NC 28037

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Wireway Husky Pallet Rack Upper

Wireway Husky Teardrop Uprights/Frame

Invincible uprights, choose from 3”x1-5/8” posts to heavy duty 3”x3” posts. Teardrop style punch, Green Uprights.

Description Depth Height Model Lbs
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 36 96 IU18360096 39.62
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 36 144 IU18360144 56.21
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 96 IU18420096 41.31
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 120 IU18420120 53.15
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 144 IU18420144 60.6
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 192 IU18420192 79.89
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 48 96 IU18480096 43.04
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 48 120 IU18480120 55.79
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 48 144 IU18480144 62.99
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 144 IU24420144 71.52
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 192 IU24420192 94.52
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 240 IU24420240 117.51
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 48 192 IU24480192 97.54
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 144 SU2942144 92.5
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights 42 192 SU2942192 119.82
Husky Rack & Wire Upright Capacity Chart
Wireway Husky Pallet Rack

Wireway Husky Teardrop Beams

These pallet racks feature teardrop, snap-in locking slots that ensure a secure and stable unit. Positive six-way locking action provides right to left, front to back and up and down locking. The lock automatically snaps into place securing the beams and is visible for easy checking or fast adjustments. The step down beam design accommodates cross bars and decking. One pair of storage rack beams is required per level. Our beams fit both upright teardrop styles with our new style rivet

Description Height Length Capacity Model Lbs
Teardrop Beams 3 48 7,383 IBX30048 10.65
Teardrop Beams 3.5 96 4,044 IBX35096 21.05
Teardrop Beams 4 96 5,047 IBX39096 22.39
Teardrop Beams 4.5 96 6,111 IBX43096 23.66
Teardrop Beams 4.5 108 5,000 IBX43108 26.37
Teardrop Beams 4.5 120 4,062 IBX43120 29.08
Teardrop Beams 4.5 144 3,000 IBX43144 34.5
Teardrop Beams 5.5 108 8,873 IBN55108 36.07
Teardrop Beams 5.5 144 5,569 IBN55144 47.44
Teardrop Beams 6 144 7,820 IBH60144 59.91
Husky galvanized wire mesh decking

Wireway Husky Wire Decks

Nothing to fasten—simply drop WIREWAY/HUSKY™ Galvanized Steel Wire Decking in place over rack beams.

Step-beam decking. Low maintenance, galvanized steel withstands harsh environments, resists chemicals, rust and corrosion. Open 2×4″ mesh promotes air flow and quick inventory checks. 6-gauge wire with 14-gauge channels. Decking will only work on 36″, 42″, or 48″ deep pallet rack with 11/2″ to 15/8″ step beams with a minimum 3/4″ wide ledge. Fits EDSAL Stor-Master Pallet Racks, HUSKY Invincible Pallet Racks and PENCO Pallet Storage Racks (11/2″ and 15/8″ step height only).

Description Depth Width Capacity LBS Model
Wire Mesh Decking 36” 46” 3,250 19lbs 3646A3
Wire Mesh Decking 36” 52” 3,250 21lbs 3652A3
Wire Mesh Decking 36” 58” 3,900 24lbs 3658A4
Wire Mesh Decking 42” 46” 2,610 22lbs 4246A3
Wire Mesh Decking 42” 52” 2,610 24lbs 4252A3
Wire Mesh Decking 42” 58” 3,150 28lbs 4258A4
Wire Mesh Decking 48” 46” 2,100 25lbs 4846A3
Wire Mesh Decking 48” 52” 2,100 27lbs 4852A3
Wire Mesh Decking 48” 58” 2,630 32lbs 4858A4


Product Videos

Beam Attachment
Video 30 seconds long

Wire Decking Installation
Video 20 seconds long

Full Pallet Rack Assembly
Video 5 minutes long

Used Pallet Racking

We have a wide variety of used pallet rack uprights, beams and wire decks on hand – ready to ship pallet racking in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro!