Interlake Teardrop Uprights 8′ High x 36” Deep

Interlake Teardrop Uprights 8′ High x 36” Deep


Description:  New Interlake Teardrop Upright
Size:  8′ High x 36” Deep
Post:  3” x 3” Post
Capacity:  23,900lbs
Color:  Vista Green
Weight:  55lbs Each
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Ships from:  Liberty, NC when in stock
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The Interlake Mecalux welded pallet rack tear drop upright frame is an excellent, heavy duty upright option for warehouses and distribution centers.  The bracing and footplates are welded and are ideal for any warehouse, offering direct access to each pallet, simple stock management and adaptation to any product volume, weight or size.  The upright is manufactured from high-strength steel.

Complete your warehouse pallet rack setup:

  1. Determine how many rows.
  2. How long for each row.
  3. How many shelf levels per section


  1. 4 rows of rack shelving
  2. Each row is 40′ long = 5) sections 8′ wide = 40′ long row
  3. Two shelf levels per section = 4 beams per section
  4. Each row = 6 uprights, 20 beams and 20 wire decks
  5. 4 rows 40′ long = 24 uprights, 80 beams and 80 wire decks


Upright Features:

  • Welded pallet rack tear drop upright frames come pre-assembled for easy customer set-up.
  • Welded pallet rack upright frames are made with 14- gauge steel.
  • The teardrop 3”x 3” roll-formed column upright frame design allows easy shelf adjustment in 2″ increments.
    Upright Post = 3” wide x 3” deep, one of the most popular post dimensions
  • Side holes are used for accessories such as row spacers and column protectors.
  • Welded diagonal and horizontal bracing
  • Welded pallet rack uprights frames can be secured to the ground using footplates that are welded to the bottom of the upright frame posts.
  • Interlake Mecalux tear drop pallet rack beams can be ordered separately to build your own pallet racking unit.
  • Common horizontal beam sizes are:  4′ long, 8′ long, 10′ long and 12′ long.
  • Interchangeable with other pallet rack manufacturers such as:  Husky Rack & Wire, SteelKing, Ridg U Rak, Unarco, Bulldog Rack etc…
  • Capacity based on 48″ vertical beam level spacing.
  • Interlake Mecalux welded pallet rack upright frames are Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc (RMI) certified.

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