Interlake Teardrop Uprights 12′ High x 48” Deep

Interlake Teardrop Uprights 12′ High x 48” Deep


Description:  New Interlake Teardrop Upright
Size:  12′ High x 48” Deep
Post:  3” x 3” Post
Capacity:  23,900lbs
Color:  Vista Green
Weight:  85lbs Each
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Ships from:  Liberty, NC when in stock


The Interlake Mecalux welded pallet rack tear drop upright frame is an excellent, heavy duty upright option for warehouses and distribution centers.  The bracing and footplates are welded and are ideal for any warehouse, offering direct access to each pallet, simple stock management and adaptation to any product volume, weight or size.  The upright is manufactured from high-strength steel.

48” Deep uprights are a perfect fit for 48” deep pallets.  The pallets will rest flush to the front of the front beam and the back of the back beam.
If you are storing 48”d x 48”w pallets, the beams needed would be 9′ long.  This allows enough room in between the pallets to safely and efficiently  load and remove pallets from the racking.

Call or email for help with the best racking layout for your warehouse.

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