Looking for tips before buying used pallet racks? Purchasing used warehouse equipment like a used pallet rack system in Raleigh NC is an effective measure for saving money and cutting warehouse costs. These systems are durable, sturdy, and can be a great long-term investment for your warehouse. But just like any other major business purchase, there are factors to keep in mind to ensure you are making a sound purchasing decision.

Tips For Buying Used Pallet Racks

Here are some important tips to pay attention to when purchasing a used system.

Used warehouse teardrop pallet rack and wire mesh decking

1- Working With a Reliable Supplier for Used Pallet Racks

Working with a trusted supplier will give you peace of mind, as this person has a credible history in the industry. You should never buy a pallet rack without first seeing the state it is in. A trusted supplier allows you to inspect the rack and look for any obvious signs of wear and tear. Look closely at the structural components like the uprights, frames, baseplates, and beams.

2- Don’t Omit the Manufacturer’s Warranty

When buying used pallet racks in Raleigh NC, it’s important to maintain any salvageable components of the manufacturer’s warranty, in the event that something happens to your system. If you happen to buy another part to replace or add to your system, it will expire the current warranty. Be sure to confirm you are buying a rack with parts from the original manufacturer. Some used dealers will implement a multi-step inspection process which allows them to offer a warranty on the equipment you are purchasing.

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3- Where was the Rack Stored?

With the right amount of maintenance and luck, pallet racks will last for several years. However, exercise extreme caution when storing these items away. Racking in a moisture-rich area has a higher chance of accumulating rain from precipitation. Dew may also form in the holes as well. All of the water permeating into the rack will cause the system to rust from the inside. If possible, only purchase systems that are exclusively stored within indoor locations.

4- Examining the Uprights

New Mecalux teardrop uprights with used beams installation Raleigh, NC

Evaluating the uprights is another important tactic for avoiding issues. If the uprights are waving or bending, avoid at all costs. There are numerous reasons for why this occurs, but regardless, damage to the upright means it’s time to find another rack.

5- Determining Weight and Height Capacities

You need to determine the dimensions and height and weight capacity of your would-be unit. Measure the size of the standard pallet, and weigh at least one of the systems. Afterwards, count out how many pallets you normally have in your possession, calculating the approximate total weight. In doing so, it guarantees that you get the exact weight, size, and height capacity of a quality system.

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