Nashville Wire Products Pallet Rack Wire Decking 42” Deep x 46” Wide

Nashville Wire Products Pallet Rack Wire Decking 42” Deep x 46” Wide

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A Box or “C” Channel Flared Waterfall Wire Deck uses a flattened end to rest on top of the beam surface. It also has a waterfall edge to keep the deck securely on the beam and holds it into place. This creates a partially unobstructed view of the beam face for reading the labels and product barcodes. 

This image shows a “U” Channel cross support that has been flattened at the end so it can rests on the top on the box beam. This adds to the strength of the Wire Deck. The more Channels a deck has the more it can hold. A typical wire deck comes with 3 channels and larger ones will have 4. The Waterfall edging helps create a snug fit and add extra strength to the deck.

Flared Channel Wire Decking for box, structural or standard step beams.



Flared Wire Decks 42” Deep x 46” Wide.
Nashville Wire Mesh Decking Welded Wire Decks 2.5” x 4” Mesh Pattern – 2,500lbs Capacity, Standard

  • Flared wire decks are engineered to fit all styles of beams.
  • Box, Structural Beams, 1-5/8” Step Beams
  • The universal fit has a flared channel that rests on top of the beam.
  • 3 Flared support channels
  • 2,500lbs capacity
  • 2.5” x 4” mesh pattern
  • 2) wire decks for 8′ long beams
  • 3) wire decks for 12′ long beams

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Weight 20 lbs
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