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Type of pallet racking
We Buy / Sell Us Your Used Pallet Racking | Warehouse Racks
Does the racking need to be taken down?
How soon to you need the warehouse racking removed?
If you are unsure of the type of racking that you have, feel free to email over pictures and we will help determine.
Or look at the common types of pallet racking below to help you determine:

At Pallet Rack World, we will buy your new or used pallet racks and pay a reasonable price for it.
Our installation crews can come on site and take down your existing pallet rack systems.  Depending on the size of the job, our crews can usually teardown, palletize and remove the racking from your facility within a couple of days.

Information needed to make you an offer on your used pallet racking.
Is your pallet rack system still standing and assembled?  Our installation crews can come into your facility and disassemble the beams from the upright frames.  We will remove any wire decking, crossbars, row spacers or wall ties that might be connected.  If your uprights are anchored to the ground we can remove those as well. 

You may have a lease that is almost up on your facility/warehouse.  Let us know how quickly you need the pallet racking and accessories out of the facility.  Typically we can come in and remove the racking pretty quickly.  A truck can be arranged to back up to the dock, load the pallet rack up and move it out.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
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We Buy Your Used Pallet Racking!
If you company is downsizing or moving to a different location and you no longer need your pallet racking, contact us!

We can dismantle/take down your pallet racking.  Stack, band, palletize, pick up and remove from your facility.

Fill out the quick form below and we will get back to you with an offer.
Is there lifting equipment on site for use?
A forklift is required to be on site so that the material can be moved and staged in your facility.  If you have a fork truck on site for use great!  If not, we can provide one (+ lift rental).  Also, if the uprights are higher than 12',a scissors lift may be required to remove the top beam levels and wire decks.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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Sell us your used pallet racking | We purchase warehouse racks from all over the country including:  Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware| Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

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