If you are looking for the best and latest inventory security systems for your warehouse, then you might want to learn more about Wirecrafters pallet rack enclosures. These enclosures are designed to help you create a more efficient storage system, create a safer working environment for your staff, and protect your inventory from damage. Open racks without enclosures allow just about anyone to pick any product from the rack with little or no accountability. You can prevent inventory damage, theft, and unauthorized access using a Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosure. 

Wirecrafters pallet rack enclosures can easily and economically be installed on either new or used pallet racks. They are an excellent solution to all sorts of inventory loss and damage problems, from accidental falls to theft. 

What Are Pallet Rack Enclosures?

A pallet rack enclosure is basically a system of panels attached to the top, back, and sides of your racks with a door at the front for access. The enclosures help to maximize storage space, prevent your stored items from falling to the ground, and implement better access control. 

Wirecrafters pallet rack enclosures can fit any bay of a new, used or existing pallet rack system and transform it into a more secure storage space. They enhance the security of your pallet racks without having to install a new system. 

The enclosures also come with custom options to make sure that you have the most accurate solution for your storage facility. You can even choose between sliding and hinged doors to further customize your pallet racking system. 

Key Benefits of Wirecrafters Pallet Rack Enclosures

There are many benefits of installing a Wirecrafters pallet rack enclosure in your facility including the following:

1. Better Access Control and Inventory Management

When you install Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures you’ll have implemented a better access control and inventory management system in your facility. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your precious products and other items are securely stored. 

With controlled access, you’ll prevent theft and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the inventory. You will know who took what and for what purpose. 

Your inventory will be accounted for at all times. Ultimately, the enclosures will save you money from the cost of replacing stolen or misplaced items. 

2. Prevent Loss of Products

Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures not only help to prevent theft but also help to avoid product damage and loss caused by accidental drops and falls. The enclosure helps to reduce or completely eliminate product shrinkage due to damage.

When you surround your racks with a custom-fitted enclosure system, your high-value items will not fall into the aisle and break. Open pallet racks often face the risk of dropping items to the ground due to shaking, vibrations, collisions, and other accidents that may happen close to the rack. 

The enclosures also provide a more organized storage system that ensures fallen items do not clutter pathways and obscure personnel or forklifts. Wirecrafters’ pallet racking enclosures also offer protection from operator errors, especially where pallets are stacked too high. 

3. Safety for Your Employees

Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures help to create a safe working environment for your staff, and yourself too! 

The enclosures do this by preventing items from falling off the pallet racks and either obstructing or causing injury to the people using the facility.

Workplace safety should be a primary consideration if you want to avoid injuries and possible lawsuits that may follow. The best way to avoid injuries and create an efficient storage system is by installing Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures. 

Wirecrafters Pallet Rack Enclosures at Pallet Rack World

If you are looking for an efficient way to secure your inventory, you need Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures. At Pallet Rack World, we have a wide range of styles and sizes of Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures ready for installation. 

We provide custom enclosures that have the same width as your beam to ensure a perfect fit and ultimate security for your products. Our Wirecrafters stock panels are shipped to you immediately after your order is processed, meaning that you can secure your precious inventory as quickly as possible. 

Pallet Rack World is a full-service warehouse racking supplier and installer in Liberty, NC. You can call us at 800-974-9086 today to help you design or install the right pallet racking system for your warehouse, manufacturing facility, distribution center, or even garage.  Contact us today to learn more about our Wirecrafters pallet racking enclosures or visit our website to see some of the high-quality pallet racking solutions we offer!