Hiring a pallet rack installation crew Raleigh NC is not just about completing a one and done project. You are putting faith in the crew to ensure the safety of your products, employees, and the ability to safely and freely maneuver through your warehouse with ease. Choosing who will perform this job is of the utmost importance for your business. As such, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you are getting a great team for the job.

1- Do they Comply with Industry Standards?

The crew you hire should adhere to the guidelines in The Racking Manufacturing Institute (RMI). Get confirmation from them to see if they will comply with both the manufacturer and RMI pallet rack installation requirements for your individual systems. Ensure that when on the job, they rack columns with at least one anchor per column. This prevents racking columns from moving if they sustain impact. All rack columns need to be secured to the floor with anchor bolts for resisting force. 

2- Are they Trained with all Equipment?

Pallet racking installation requires professional operation of equipment like forklifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, amongst other pieces of machinery. Confirm if your equipment operators are certified to operate the equipment and how often they get re-certified.

 3- How do I check the Safety Record of the Installer?

To check the safety record of a pallet rack installation crew Raleigh NC, check the mod rating when writing the workman’s comp coverage. A 1.00 is designated to newer companies with no experience. The EMR number could be lowered every year if no worker’s comp claims are filed. If claims are made, the EMR number will rise.

4- Can my Warehouse still Operate during Installation?

If you wish to keep your warehouse open during operations, it’s plausible to do so. Many installers will be sequestered in designated areas, so as not to disrupt operations of the warehouse. You will need to devise a plan of action upfront so that these processes run smoothly.

5- Will a Project Manager be On-site?

Due to the complexities of installation work, a project manager should always be on-site. Project managers make decisions in the best interest of the client. They can handle client consultation, ensure safety of job sites, safety of products, and personnel. 

6- Do they have OSHA-10 Certification?

The OSHA-10 certification indicates a level of performance, competence, and professionalism through at least 10 hours of OSHA training. Every OSHA-10 certified worker is given a card from OSHA and should present this during initial meetings. As we know installation is dangerous work and no one wants to worry about injuries with employers or contractors. Violation of these standards can result in delayed, unorganized projects. These training sessions teach workers all the ins and outs of accident reporting, ladder safety, wearing PPE, as well as employing general safety practices.

Professional Pallet Rack Installation Crew Raleigh NC

Pallet Rack World offers professional and safe pallet racking services for its consumers. All of our team members are certified and experienced in pallet rack installation, breakdown, and relocating. If you would like more information on hiring our crew, contact us today!

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