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The Wireway Husky Corp. line of pallet rack features brands synonymous with quality in the pallet rack industry for more than 45 years. Uprights are available in both 3" x 1-5/8" posts, and in 3" x 3" posts with heights up to 46 ft.

The teardrop pattern is an industry standard and accepts most teardrop style beams. Beams feature the patented Bowlock® safety clip. Bowlock® cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the beam and requires no special tools. Standard colors are green uprights with orange beams. Call for other color options.
Wireway Husky Teardrop Uprights/Frame
Wireway Husky Pallet Rack & Wire Decking
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Wireway Husky Pallet Rack
Wireway Husky Wire Decking
Wireway Husky Wire Decking
Wireway Husky Teardrop Beams
These pallet racks feature teardrop, snap-in locking slots that ensure a secure and stable unit. Positive six-way locking action provides right to left, front to back and up and down locking. The lock automatically snaps into place securing the beams and is visible for easy checking or fast adjustments. The step down beam design accommodates cross bars and decking. One pair of storage rack beams is required per level. Our beams fit both upright teardrop styles with our new style rivet
Wireway Husky Wire Decks
Nothing to fasten—simply drop WIREWAY/HUSKY™ Galvanized Steel Wire Decking in place over rack beams.

Step-beam decking. Low maintenance, galvanized steel withstands harsh environments, resists chemicals, rust and corrosion. Open 2x4" mesh promotes air flow and quick inventory checks. 6-gauge wire with 14-gauge channels. Decking will only work on 36", 42", or 48" deep pallet rack with 11/2" to 15/8" step beams with a minimum 3/4" wide ledge. Fits EDSAL Stor-Master Pallet Racks, HUSKY Invincible Pallet Racks and PENCO Pallet Storage Racks (11/2" and 15/8" step height only). ​
Wireway Husky Pallet Rack
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights3696IU1836009639.62$65.75
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights36144IU1836014456.21$95.83
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights4296IU1842009641.31$67.17
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42120IU1842012053.15$86.86
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42144IU1842014460.6$97.88
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42192IU1842019279.89$126.91
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights4896IU1848009643.04$69.02
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights48120IU1848012055.79$89.62
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights48144IU1848014462.99$100.40
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42144IU2442014471.52$106.60
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42192IU2442019294.52$139.52
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights42240IU24420240117.51$169.91
Wirway Husky Teardrop Urights48192IU2448019297.54$142.42
Teardrop Beams4487849IBX3904812.19$19.83
Teardrop Beams4964048IBX3909622.39$31.37
Teardrop Beams4.5965010IBX4309623.66$32.51
Teardrop Beams5966054IBX4809625.51$34.15
Teardrop Beams51085373IBX4810828.45$37.43
Teardrop Beams51204412IBX4812031.39$40.71
Teardrop Beams51443064IBX4814437.27$47.26
Teardrop Beams5.51087723IBN5510836.07$44.98
Teardrop Beams5.51444901IBN5514447.44$57.26
Teardrop Beams61447552IBH6014459.91$67.40
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Wire Decks36''46''325018.58$19.58 3646A3
Wire Decks36''52''325020.09$20.95 3652A3
Wire Decks36''58''390023.83$24.54 3658A4
Wire Decks42''46''261021.4$21.95 4246A3
Wire Decks42''52''261023.11$23.51 4252A3
Wire Decks42''58''315027.48$27.58 4258A4
Wire Decks48''46''210024.61$24.66 4846A3
Wire Decks48''52''210026.57$26.45 4852A3
Wire Decks48''58''263031.61$31.06 4858A4
Wireway Husky Pallet Racking
Invincible uprights, choose from 3''x1-5/8'' posts to heavy duty 3''x3'' posts.  Teardrop style punch, Green Uprights.

IU18:  3'' x 1-5/8'' Posts
IU24:  3'' x 3'' Posts
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