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Unarco Teardrop Uprights
Unarco welded uprights are available in quick ship.  Choose your size and capacity either 17,571lbs or 26,101lbs capacity @ 48'' vertical beam level spacing
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UNARCO is the most flexible pallet rack manufacturer in the industry with the ability to produce an entire line of warehouse storage solutions including Carton Flow rack, Pallet Flow rack, Push Back rack, Drive In rack and Cantilever Rack as well as complicated Pick Modules. In addition, UNARCO  can handle all of your pallet rack installation and Project Management.

Attentiveness to detail, assurance of timely delivery dates and keeping the customer informed has helped form a long list of loyal UNARCO warehouse and retail customers and a vast Pallet Rack distributor network.

UNARCO has structured its Customer Service and manufacturing facilities to LISTEN to the customer's warehouse needs and respond to simple requests such as custom paint colors, higher capacity tubular designed upright frames, and special abuse-resistant designs engineered to ensure warehouse safety

   UNARCO can make any pallet racking and warehouse storage solution trouble-free from straight selective pallet rack available in bolted, interchangeable and structural to sophisticated gravity flow solutions of carton flow rack and pallet flow rack, pick modules to push back rack and deep lane drive in rack.
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Unarco Teardrop Beams
Choose your size and capacity of Unarco teardrop style beams.  

Unarco Pallet Rack Accessories
​Row spacers, crossbars, post protectors and anchors.
UNARCO was the first warehouse pallet rack manufacturer in the industry. With over fifty years in engineering and design, no one offers more experience in how to increase warehouse and distribution center efficiency than UNARCO. From standard selective pallet racking to complex, engineered systems and pick modules, UNARCO offers customers the ONE-ON-ONE attention they deserve. 
2-NTF13L42096001-3696" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#53.86$65.35
2-NTF13L42120001-36120" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#63.24$76.73
2-NTF13L42144001-36144" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#77.29$93.78
2-NTF13L48144001-36144" X 48"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#80.15$97.25
2-NTF13L42192001-36192" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#100.79$122.29
2-NTF13L48192001-36192" X 48"3 X 1-5/8"UNARCO GREEN17,571#103.88$126.04
2-NTF13H42144003-36144" X 42"3" X 3" UNARCO GREEN26,101#95.24$115.56
2-NTF13H42192002-36192" X 42"3" X 3" UNARCO GREEN26,101#124.80$151.42
2-NTF13H42240005-36240" X 42"3" X 3" UNARCO GREEN26,101#154.35$187.28
2-IC2506U048-452-1/2" X 48TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE5,314#10.71$12.71
2-IC3566U096-453-9/16" X 96"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE4,005#22.06$26.18
2-IC4186U096-454-3/16" X 96"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE5,372#24.20$28.72
2-IC5006U096-455" X 96"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE6,825#27.27$32.36
2-IC5506U096-455-1/2" X 96'TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE7,809#28.42$33.73
2-IC5506U108-455-1/2" X 108"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE6,995#31.69$37.61
2-IC5506U120-455-1/2" X 120"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE6,343#34.96$41.49
2-IC6003U144-456" X 144"TEAR DROPUNARCO ORANGE7,653#59.15$70.19
2-A1006-256" ROW SPACERPREGALV1.22$2.05
2-A1008-258" ROW SPACERPREGALV1.33$2.23
2-A1012-2512" ROW SPACERPREGALV1.81$3.04
2-C24AP012-34BOLT-ON 12" POST PROTECTOR **Used with any size base plates**UNARCO YELLOW4.16$6.99
2-APPR-12-3412" FLOOR MOUNTED POST PROTECTOR **Used with standard size base plates**UNARCO YELLOW10.00$16.80
2-810033-001/2" X 4-1/4" ANCHORUNPAINTED0.28$0.47
2-BP160507002-605 X 7" SHIMUNPAINTED1.01$1.70
Lewisville, TX
501 E. Purnell Street
Lewisville, TX 75057
Pandora, OH
407 E. Washington St.
Pandora, OH 45877
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Unarco Teardrop Uprights
Unarco welded uprights are available in quick ship.  Choose your size and capacity either 17,571lbs or 26,101lbs capacity @ 48'' vertical beam level spacing
Unarco Teardrop Beams
Choose your size and capacity of Unarco teardrop style beams.  

Unarco Pallet Rack Accessories
​Row spacers, crossbars, post protectors and anchors.
3-UTUL-13-096-42-QS96" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15,516#50.20$58.23
3-UTUL-13-120-42-QS120" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15,516#60.60$70.29
3-UTUL-13-144-42-QS144" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15516#71.70$83.16
3-UTUL-13-144-48-QS144" X 48"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15,516#74.00$85.84
3-UTUL-13-192-42-QS192" X 42"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15,516#95.50$110.77
3-UTUL-13-192-48-QS192" X 48"3 X 1-5/8"GRAY15,516#98.80$114.60
3-UTUH-13-144-42-QS144" X 42"3" X 3" GRAY25,177#88.80$103.00
3-UTUH-13-192-42-QS192" X 42"3" X 3" GRAY25,177#118.30$137.23
3-UTUH-13-240-42-QS240" X 42"3" X 3" GRAY25,177#145.60$168.89
3-UTB-350-096-16-QS3-1/2" X 96"TEAR DROPORANGE4052#22.00$24.93
3-UTB-400-096-16-QS4" X 96"TEAR DROPORANGE5292#23.70$26.85
3-UTB-500-096-16-QS5" X 96"TEAR DROPORANGE7441#27.50$31.16
3-UTB-550-096-14-QS5-1/2" X 96'TEAR DROPORANGE9454#32.60$36.95
3-UTB-550-108-14-QS5-1/2" X 108"TEAR DROPORANGE8459#36.30$41.13
3-UTB-550-120-14-QS5-1/2" X 120"TEAR DROPORANGE7661#40.00$45.33
3-UTB-600-144-14-QS6" X 144"TEAR DROPORANGE6623#50.20$56.89
3-RSG-06-QS6" ROW SPACER0.90$3.00
3-RSG-08-QS8" ROW SPACER1.00$3.09
3-RSG-12-QS12" ROW SPACER1.30$3.25
3-BBP-12-QSBOLT-ON 12" POST PROTECTOR **Used with any size base plates**3.00$4.64
3-PPB-12-QS12" FLOOR MOUNTED POST PROTECTOR **Used with 5" X 7" X 1/4" base plates**14.20$14.77
3-AB50-4.50-QS1/2" X 4-1/2" ANCHOR BOLT0.28$1.39
3-SH10GAX5X7-QS5" X 7"X 10 Ga. SHIM 1.37$2.00
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