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Pallet Rack World Products | Meco Omaha | Series 2000 Medium-Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack | Bar Storage Rack | Pipe Rack
Series 2000 Medium Duty Cantilever Rack
Excellent solution for storing medium to heavy duty material on Cantilever Racks!
Meco Omaha Series 2000 Cantilever Rack is designed for medium and heavy duty applications.  Choose from either single sided or double sided cantilever uprights.  The uprights range from 8' high all the way up to 20' high on 2' increments.  The bases on the single sided uprights are either 38'',50'' or 62'' long.  The bases on the double sided uprights are either 59'', 83'' or 107'' long.  There are many different weight capacities to choose from.  Choose either straight arms or inclined arms with a lip or no lip.  The arms feature sizes of 12'', 18'', 24'', 30'', 36'', 42'' and 48'' long.  The capacities very depending on the length of the arm.  The shorter the arm, the higher the capacity.  For example the 12'' long arm holds a 2,000lbs capacity.  On the other hand, the 48'' long arm features a 600lbs capacity.

The 2000 series also gives you the option for heavy duty and extra heavy duty arms.  The 24'' long heavy duty arm features a 2,400lbs capacity.  While the 48'' long arm features 1,000lbs, 1,500lbs and 2,000lbs capacities to choose from.  The braces feature wider options in the 2000 series Cantilever rack.  Choose from 23'', 35'', 41'', 47'', 59'', 71'', 83'', 95'' and 119'' wide braces.
Series 2000 Meco Omaha Medium Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Uprights, Single and Double Sided Cantilever Rack Uprights
Meco Series 2000 Medium Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Uprights and Arms
Meco Omaha Series 2000 Uprights, arms and brace sets are not interchangeable with any other rack series
Straight Arms have a minimum pitch of 3/8'' per foot to compensate for deflection.  Arm capacities are based on an evenly distributed load.  *Arm lips are not intended to bear any portion of the load.*
Inclined Arms have a pitch of 20 degrees or approximately 4.36'' per foot.  Arm capacities are based on an evenly distributed load.
Length of braces is measured from center of upright to center of upright.
Meco Series 2000 Brace Sets
Meco Omaha Series 2000 Single Sided Cantilever Uprights
Single Sided Uprights
Meco Double Sided Cantilever Uprights, Series 2000 Medium Heavy Duty
Double Sided Uprights
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