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Mecalux Wide Span Shelving | Mecalux Bulk Racking
General Features of Wide Span Shelving 

Wide Span Shelving is designed for the hand loading of medium to heavy loads and is ideal for storing small quanities of a very large variety of product types.

The system is accessed on foot, either at floor level, or on elevated walkways fitted between racks.

Unique post design eliminates down aisle growth as well as wasted space behind the post.

ZS/MSDescriptionCapacityPart #SaleWeight
ZSBeam ZS-U65 48'' Long3,021lbs CapT0032719$11.626.3
MSBeam MS-U65 48'' Long3,021lbs CapT0032724$10.317
ZSBeam ZS-U65 60'' Long2,402lbs CapT0032720$14.087.8
MSBeam MS-U65 60'' Long2,403lbs CapT0032725$12.468.6
ZSBeam ZS-U65 72'' Long1,985lb CapT0032721$16.549.3
MSBeam MS-U65 72'' Long2,007lbs CapT0032726$14.6210.1
ZSBeam ZS-U65 84'' Long1,742lbs CapT0032722$19.2310.7
MSBeam MS-U65 84'' Long1,720lbs CapT0032727$16.9211.6
ZSBeam ZS-U65 96'' Long1,433lbs CapT0032723$21.5412.2
MSBeam MS-U65 96'' Long1,411lbs CapT0032728$19.1513.2
Height x DepthDescriptionCapacity @ 30'' SpacingPart #SaleWeight
7'H x 24''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059058$47.1522
7'H x 30''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059059$48.7723
7'H x 36''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059060$50.9224
7'H x 42''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059056$53.2325
7'H x 48''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059057$55.2325
8'H x 24''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059061$55.3827
8'H x 30''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059062$57.2328
8'H x 36''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059063$63.3829
8'H x 42''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059159$62.5430
8'H x 48''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059160$65.2831
12'H x 24''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059070$77.3138
12'H x 30''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059071$79.8540
12'H x 36''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059072$83.3141
12'H x 42''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059168$86.9243
12'H x 48''DWide Span Upright Frame8,489lbs CapacityT0059169$90.6944
Description Part #SaleWeight
Cross Bar U L-ZS F24'' 23-9/16'' T0042532$4.152lbs
Cross Bar U L-ZS F30'' 29-9/16'' T0042533$5.232.5lbs
Cross Bar U L-ZS F36'' 35-9/16'' T0042534$6.153lbs
Cross Bar U L-ZS F42'' 41-9/16'' T0042535$7.003.5lbs
Cross Bar U L-ZS F48'' 47-9/16'' T0042536$8.084lbs
Row Spacer DF-7 U 2'' T0032515$3.00.2lbs
Row Spacer DF-7 U 4'' T0032516$3.38.4lbs
Row Spacer DF-7 U 6'' T0032517$3.69.5lbs
Pin Safety DF-7 U T0032513$0.46.2lbs
​MS-U65 Wide Span Beams
These beams are considered inner beams which are used in the fitting of wooden shelving on back to back rows.  Or, they can be used with wire decks
​ZS-U65 Wide Span Beams
These beams are fitted in all other situations.  ZS beams are used with particle board or metal shelves

The beams are the horizontal components on which the load is directly deposited or on which the shelves are fitted in order to store small-sized products.

Connectors fit into the upright slots
and adjoin them to the beam. The
hooks on these connectors–a connection system developed and patented by the Mecalux Group - are fitted into the main body at both ends, thereby increasing the load capacity.  Each beam includes two safety pins.

Interlake Mecalux has an extensive range of beams to cover any storage need, in terms of size, load type and capacity
Mecalux Wide Span Beams, MS and ZS
Mecalux Wide Span Beams
Mecalux Wide Span Uprights
Frames are formed by two uprights with the corresponding bracings, footplates and accessories.

Different depth measurements enable the racking to be adaptable to sizes of the products to be stored.
Frame Footplates
The frames are fixed to the floor with footplates placed at the base of the uprights.  Anchor bolts can be fitted when the rack requires this.
Choose your accessorries for Mecalux Wide Span Racking/Shelving below.
Crossbars, row spacers and safety pins.
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