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Safety Survey & Pallet Rack Repairs
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We are a complete Material Handling Installation Company. We provide complete turnkey installation of a wide range of warehousing systems and material handling products. Some of the most common are as listed below.

Warehousing - Installation, Tear down & Relocation Shelving | Pallet Rack Systems

  • Pallet racking
  • Push back rack
  • Package flow rack
  • Pallet flow rack
  • Drive-in rack
  • Guide rail and aisle entry systems
  • Cantilever / Lumber rack
  • Mezzanines

We are fortunate to have a large team of professionals who train and specialize in their own area of expertise such as racking, safety surveys , conveyors or mezzanines. Our rack and warehousing specialists are capable of installing the most up to date and effective warehousing systems, as well as offer knowledgeable advice and suggestions to allow for the most efficient and trouble free use of the systems.

We have worked with several satisfied warehouses and manufacturers direct such as Johnson Controls, Volvo Trucks North America, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Tyco Electronics, American Express, RH Barringer, Honda Jet, Lincoln Financial just to name a few. 
  • Vertical / Mezzanine lifts
  • Conveyors
  • Garment rail-handling systems
  • In-plant offices
  • Dock related equipment
  • Overhead hoists and cranes
  • Security cages / Wire partitions
  • Industrial Shelving
Safety Survey & Repairs 
We will provide a trained professional to complete an on-site safety survey in accordance with you specific safety standards & guidelines. We will identify any unsafe conditions in the rack due to abuse, damage, over loading or employee neglect, as well as any conditions that may become a concern in the near future.

Our findings will be reported to you in a detailed report. After discussing this report with you, we can order the needed parts or provide your purchasing department with a list of these parts. We will then schedule a convenient time to complete the repairs that will have the least possible impact on your daily operations.

Regular Rack Safety Surveys & Repairs will aid in the prevention of accidents and reduce safety violations.  

Call us today to find out how we can assist you in improving your safety record & reduce your repair costs!
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Pallet Rack
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Call:  336-253-8766
Carolina Material Handling has extensive experience in facility planning and layout, and serve as consultants and subcontractors to both architects and end-user accounts. We are experienced managers and have run large-scale distribution centers and manufacturing facilities in our professional careers, so we know how to assess operations and facilities in order to get the best balance of capacity and productivity.

We translate any operational analysis and conceptual design into AutoCAD drawings, so that your customer can envision the systems being proposed, and can make an informed and assured decision when purchasing systems and equipment. These services are offered as a part of regular projects or as stand-alone offerings.

  • Survey of Existing Uses of Space Warehouse and Plant Environments
  • Survey of Inventory, Pallets Sizes and Unit Loads to be Stored
  • Review of Clients Projected Growth and Space/System Plans
  • Complete Material Handling System Design Racks, Conveyors
  • Complete CAD Layouts for Material Flow/Storage and Space Utilization
  • Square Footage, Building Bay Sizes and Clear Height Recommendations
AutoCad Support | Facility Layout | Pallet Rack Design
Shown Above:  Structural Pallet Rack Installation - Frederick, MD
Shown Above:  Teardrop Pallet Rack, Pallet Flow, Carton Flow, Conveyor and Rack Netting Installation - Greensboro, NC
Before:  Upright Damage by 
a Forklift in Warehouse
After:  Upright Post is Repaired to its Near Original Condition
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Bulldog Pallet Rack & Nashville Wire Decking Shown on Above Project

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