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Teardrop Frames, 3'' x 1-5/8''
Capacity is based on 48'' maximum vertical beam spacings
Teardrop Frames, 3'' x 3''
Bulldog Pallet Rack Company
Bulldog's full line of rack includes:

  •   Storage Rack Systems
  •   Structural Selective Rack
  •   Hi Line Storage Systems
  •   Secure Pin Cantilever Rack
  •   Structural Cantilever Rack
  •   Drive In / Drive Thru Systems
  •   PushBack Systems
  •   Pallet Flow
  •   Rack Supported Buildings
  •   Custom Fabrications Services

Our professional engineers and outstanding sales staff work together with our dealer network to design a storage plan that fits your unique warehouse needs. Our production team, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in our 250,000 sq. ft. facilities, proudly produces high quality products for you.
Capacity is based on 48'' maximum vertical beam spacings
Ask about our installation services.

Bulldog Pallet rack is in stock and ready to ship out to you!
Part no.HeightWidthCapacityColorWeightPrice
TU 23 964215,000#CD Green46.00$77.69
TU 23 1444215,000#CD Green68.00$107.69
TU 23 1444815,000#CD Green70.00$112.31
TU 23 1924215,000#CD Green89.00$144.62
TU 23 1924815,000#CD Green93.00$151.54
Part no.HeightWidthCapacityColorWeightPrice
TU 33 1924222,900#CD Green106.00$170.77
TU 33 1924822,900#CD Green108.00$179.62
TU 33 2404222,900#CD Green132.00$215.38
Bulldog Pallet Rack
Bulldog Pallet Rack Company is the fastest growing, full service storage rack manufacturer in the industry offering a complete line of warehouse storage solutions including pallet rack and cantilever rack to structural rack.
Teardrop Step Beams 1-5/8'' Step
Capacity is based per pair of beams.  Pricing is for each beam.
Row Spacers keep the space between rack rows uniform
Part no.FaceLengthCapacityColorWeightPrice
Part no.LengthColorWeightDesc.Price
RS6Galvanized1.00Row Spacer$5.00
RS12Galvanized1.50Row Spacer$6.15
WT6Galvanized1.00Wall Tie$5.77
WT12Galvanized1.50Wall Tie$6.92
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Row Spacers & Wall Ties
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